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Meet The OWNER: Shedna

Shedna Angilot lives in South Florida. She's an undergraduate at UCF studying Criminal Psychology. Definitely, a different topic from a beauty niche but she is certainly the one to know about the best beauty products in the game. She created Belle-Ish Beauty in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic but from a child was always into uncovering the truth about skincare. At this point in her journey she is ready to share all the facts with you along the way, because keeping your skin, hair, healthy shouldn't be a mystery.


Belle-Ish Beauty's Instagram:  @BelleIshBeauty

Belle-Ish Beauty's Facebook: Belle-Ish Beauty

Belle-Ish Beauty's Twitter: @BelleIshBeauty

Shedna's Instagram: @x.Shoune

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